At IDP, we believe in fresh talent. We believe that the best way to refine our talents and expand our portfolio is by contributing to the development of young architects, interior designers and as well as engineers. We are committed to providing highly valuable internship programs to help university students and fresh graduates enter this ever-changing industry.

This 12-week program will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to enhance your university experience. Our team of highly-talented DESIGNERS has spent years in the region developing multi-use projects for the leading developers.  Interns will be paired with a Program Leader from your chosen department who will constantly provide you with valuable theoretical knowledge as well as highly challenging practical assignments to test your knowledge and skills.

Interns are also provided the opportunity to attend clients’ and consultants' meetings with your assigned Program Leader; it will lead you to the experience of the practical world of projects. Being part of prestigious projects submissions and presentation you will step ahead with your skills.