About Us


In a world of globalization, interior design is a way of life, for commercial businessmen as well as residential owners these days. The interior design process determines the effectiveness of space usage and enhance comfort living, therefore, practically each and every new built and/or refurbish projects around the world hiring Interior Design Consultants to look into the interior design aspect.

IDP is known for creation of integrated and environmentally inspiring design experiences which evoke a sense of gratification amongst the revelers.

As a Hospitality Design Consultancy, we advocate that design should be driven with the belief to integrate the designed spaces with the culturally rich surroundings of each and every country of origin we work in. Understanding our Clients´ positioning and accurately developing their distinctive needs for interior design is of foremost importance to us. IDP aims at setting new standards for luxury, comfort, innovation and sustainability in hospitality interior design, approaching every project objectively, providing a high level of service that will reflect values for money and aspirations of our clients without compromising the qualities of products we specify and our performance‐oriented design in its purest forms in the priority of every IDP Solution. We believe that it creates value, and we pursue it in every phase of the project. We think creatively and partner with our clients to solve their toughest challenges in shaping, developing and operating small and large projects.